Over the years, many clients have experienced my multifaceted personality as their WELLNESS coach. However not many, if any, actually know ‘about me’. After all, why would they? As I dedicate our time together to help motivate, and guide them, to discover more about themselves though the art of self-reflective practice.
Post self meditative practice today I felt the need to share, during this period of ‘lock down’, some ‘quirky’ facts about myself. This way current clients, and those I am yet to meet, will get a glimpse of ‘behind the scenes’ Lynne Snook, better known to her friends as ‘Snooki’.

10 quirky facts about your WELLNESS coach LYNNE SNOOK

1. Bali, Indonesia, set my heart and soul a blaze. I found my ‘second home’ in 2001 and I regularly go back, as much as life in the UK will allow. Bali is a spiritual home for me. A place where I feel at peace with myself, to maintain my own Wellness. Here I am able to devote all my time to developing and further growth of my relationship with Jesus as a vessel for ‘healing’ others.
2. As a child I was overweight, shy and ashamed of whom I was. I did not have much self-love, considering I grew up in a home of unconditional love. Losing my mother at eighteen years of age, to ovarian cancer, changed my perception of life. It gave me the courage to grow and succeed in life.
3. Scuba diving one of my many ‘passions’. I discovered my love for it in 2001, whilst in Indonesia travelling and visiting Gili Trawangan, Lombok. I qualified as a Scuba diving instructor in the summer of 2004.
4. Whilst travelling in New Zealand I was chosen to take part in a reality TV show called ‘The Summit’ – lots of team and individual adventure challenges. Let’s just say I ended up on billboards and magazines after the show ended.
5. Laughter is so important to me, I love to ‘belly’ laugh with friends as often as possible, as I truly believe it to be an ‘all in one’ remedy and cure.
6. Friends truly are the ‘family’ I have chosen for myself. Both my parents have died, along with 12 Aunties and Uncles. Present day, there is just myself and my older brother left, so I take my time to trust in others and develop ‘lifelong’ friendships.
7. I believe in love, romance and finding your soulmate. Soul connections are everything to me, a way of feeling ‘complete’ and in unity with a partner.
8. I am so passionate about guiding others to discover who they are. Teaching them how to love themselves, from the inside out, whilst setting and applying good ‘self-care’ intentions.
9. I have designed and made my own sportswear clothing in honour of my Dad who passed away to cancer, three years ago. I named it ‘Snooki Sportswear’. This can be seen and purchased at www.snookisportswear.com
10. Ultimately, alongside coaching others to become the best version of themselves, I am on a mission to share my life story with the world! All in the hopes that the good, the bad and the ugly stories, will help to navigate others on a more ‘stable’ path through life’s tapestry. All the tests, challenges, struggles, along with the many victories, have moulded me into an authentic WELLNESS coach who has a real PASSION for helping others.

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