First class Hons degree in Human Biosciences – I chose not to go down the atypical ‘Medicine’ route. I was spiritually drawn to wanting to learn more about the human body. Its component parts; physical, mental and emotional. I was fascinated to understand and learn how these component parts all ‘fit’ together, and how they work together to keep our body in ‘harmony’. I then became a Science teacher to learn more about the many facets of the human body, and the external environmental factors that affect us, and all other living organisms.

Whilst working as a Secondary Science teacher, I was drawn to studying Sports and Remedial massage therapy, with Mel Cash at his LSSM. My passion for the human body grew further and I was on fire, hungry to understand more. Especially about chronic pain, and how the root cause of this could may not only be physical, but asymptomatic of other underlying mental and emotional issues. I was on a mission at this point, as a scientist, to connect the dots, between our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and how one can knock it off ‘balance’ with our lifestyle choices.

I wanted to find out, and share with others, all the ways we are able to restore our ‘balance’, and therefore our health to ‘optimal’ condition. I carried on studying further. I went on to study Reflexology, in the UK at first and then with ‘Touchpoint’. A Danish company who are the forefront of Reflexology research and training. This, alongside my passion for ‘Hands on healing’ developed from my home Bali and my faith, led me on to become a Wellness Life Coach. In recent years, I have embarked on learning more about our skeletal system, and how it interacts with all the muscles and the myofascial tissue, of the body, which I am highly educated and experienced in.


On my journey of further discovery, to find out how I could help humanity best, I decided to challenge myself further. I wanted to have an even bigger impact on people’s lives, so I chose to become a “Lifestyle and Wellness coach”. I knew that this would enhance, and be an excellent addition to, my work as a Sports and Remedial therapist. My true innate passion of the human body actually lies in all aspects of health and wellbeing. To know all there is to know, at any given time in life, I feel enables me to help my clients to the best of my abilities . I truly believe that “Good health is true wealth”. I also firmly believe in my own ethos of ‘helping others to help themselves’, in order to reach their own personal goals. I take pride and pleasure in guiding my clients to identify their own areas of growth and to reflect and implement changes. In turn the tools and resources I provide, along with coaching them, empowers them to create their own ever-lasting changes. This is such a gift, to be able to help another to help themselves, to prevent any future chronic diseases manifesting within themselves. Ultimately I became a Wellness coach to integrate the mind, body and soul connection to my clients.

I wished to promote an understanding of all these aspects within ones health and wellbeing. My Lifestyle and Wellness coaching aims to help you to make long-term changes relating to your exercise and eating habits, stress and time management, as well as mental health and wellbeing. Consequently, I do this to help others to reach their own health, fitness and wellbeing goals and to simply feel empowered and an ‘amazing’ version of themselves.