Quaratine Future

If you are keen to know about Grief and a loss

Wellness as a way of life?!?

Fitness within the comfort of your own home, is the new way of life during this ‘lock down’ period. The home, or park, is now considered to be the new gym where one can enjoy free direct fitness on demand. How times have changed as a result of an unseen enemy, such as Covid-19. Did you know dear reader, that […]

Mental Health Awareness Week – Do not suffer!

“I can, I will and I am able….. to overcome all” It is Mental Health Awareness week folks and I want to start this blog with my own personal mantra above, and to ask that you do not allow yourself to suffer in silence! I am here for you! In the past I have suffered from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Phobias […]

PTSD: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder effects?

Human ‘beings’ are creatures of habit, but at the end of the day we are mammals. We have ‘animalistic’ tendencies and are known to be ‘sociable’ animals. We were not made to thrive alone. We work best with others, like Wolves in a pack. So imagine if you will taking a sociable, outgoing person, who spent their entire life ‘doing’ […]

10 quirky facts you may not know about me

Over the years, many clients have experienced my multifaceted personality as their WELLNESS coach. However not many, if any, actually know ‘about me’. After all, why would they? As I dedicate our time together to help motivate, and guide them, to discover more about themselves though the art of self-reflective practice. Post self meditative practice today I felt the need […]

Use self-care and self-love to love you more!

My dear mother, from an early age in my life, tried to embed such good morals and sayings within my mind and being. I can remember so many of her words of wisdom, some passed down from generation to generation and others her very own words. My journey to being ‘balanced’, at now 41 years young, I can attribute to […]

How I turned my PASSION for helping others, into a profession

To accept who you are, and what you have to offer the world, is a sign of ‘being’ a wise old soul; irrespective of the age you are when you come to understand this. I can remember as far back as primary school, realising who I was becoming, and my place within the world at that time. An empath, an […]

What does a wellness coach do to help you?

One of the most holistic objectives of ‘Wellness coaching’ is to help people overcome resistance to change, and thus progress towards a happier and more contented soul. This is especially important in todays’ society, as a recent report suggested that only three out of ten British people are happy with their lives. My wellness coaching’ will enable us to work […]

Guided relaxation and meditation for life!

Did you know that different moments in your daily life will evoke different emotions? Sometimes this can become so overwhelming, that you can find yourself at a loss as to what to do. This is where guided meditation can really help. Especially when you find yourself in a whirlwind vortex of spinning thoughts. This combined with a low mood really […]

The Coronavirus (covid-19) – staying at home healthy tips

Choosing to create a ‘Healthier home’ is the best place to start right now in April 2020. We are going into week five in isolation, to combat Covid-19. If you haven’t already committed to developing some new and healthier habits, then I am here to help you. To plan and to implement good habits, ‘step by step’ all of the […]