What are the best oils to use for PTSD and Stress?

The best oils……

Where can I purchase this from?

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Is eating sugar affecting my mental health?

We always think of ditching sugar to improve our physical health but I’ve worried more about the effect that sugar has on my mental health, in the last ten years of my life. Did you know that sugar affects your mood? We have all believed for years that sugar gives us a quick ‘pick me up’ after consumption, which is […]

Bonfire night is all about family time

“Friends are the family that I choose for myself” Unfortunately not all of us have family, but whatever your situation in life it is better to look at the glass half full, just as I do! My mother and father are no longer alive so over the last twenty three years I have chosen my friends to be my family. […]

How to enjoy this Covid 19 Halloween

For some it is a time to have ‘fun and frolics’ and for others it is a time to ‘hide and not be seen’. I have mixed feelings on this event consisting of spooky story-telling, creepy crafts and the many ‘trick or treat’ trails that I have been accustomed to in the years gone by. However, given this year of […]

Wellbeing in the Winter months

It is no surprise dear reader to hear that the colder and darker winter months evoke lower feelings than those in summer. For many it is difficult to see the darker times as good because it will affect ones mood. Weather changes can negatively affect mental health for so many people, so it is good to be aware of this […]

Wellness as a way of life?!?

Fitness within the comfort of your own home, is the new way of life during this ‘lock down’ period. The home, or park, is now considered to be the new gym where one can enjoy free direct fitness on demand. How times have changed as a result of an unseen enemy, such as Covid-19. Did you know dear reader, that […]

Mental Health Awareness Week – Do not suffer!

“I can, I will and I am able….. to overcome all” It is Mental Health Awareness week folks and I want to start this blog with my own personal mantra above, and to ask that you do not allow yourself to suffer in silence! I am here for you! In the past I have suffered from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Phobias […]