“I can, I will and I am able….. to overcome all”

It is Mental Health Awareness week folks and I want to start this blog with my own personal mantra above, and to ask that you do not allow yourself to suffer in silence! I am here for you! In the past I have suffered from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Phobias and Eating Disorders. Enduring the difficult times dear reader, the emotional and physical pain of mental health disorders, is no easy feat. I can relate to each and every one of you who come across my blog and is reading this now. I endured ten months of continuous insomnia, and being ‘alone’. I lost many people in my life, including family members, who chose to walk away during my own personal battle when it became all too much for them to endure and see me suffering.

The road to recovery is not an easy one. As my dear mother instilled in me from such a young age, whilst I was lucky enough to have her here on Earth with me. “it is tough at the top Lynne”. Oh how she was and still is full of words of wisdom, that she imparted to me so she lives on in me. I have come to learn over the years from personal experience, that the difficult road is always the right one and that it is always “tough at the top”. To be top of your game, is tough, to be on top of your own personal battles is tough and it is still tough once you get to where you believe is the best place for you to be in life! The journey will be difficult, painful and one you will want to run away from time and time again. Dear reader, when you are able to face yourself in the mirror, to be kind to self, and to put that stick down, you WILL HEAL! You will choose ‘self-love’ and to stop beating yourself up for all the hurt you have within. Some of this hurt will be yours to own, but the majority will not be, and the rest is for others to own. Give yourself the ‘time’ to create enough ‘space’ to self-reflect and learn how ‘self-love’. YOU really ARE WORTHY and YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! always and forever!

I am, dear reader, a SURVIVOR of mental health disorders and yes I am in FULL RECOVERY. I am a strong and balanced individual with great empathy for all of you currently suffering, and for most it will be in silence. I truly wish you to know, that you are NOT ALONE. That I care, that others care about and for you! I am setting up my own personal tribe, a community of like-minded sufferers, to educate them and to encourage them that my mantra does stand true. That you too one day can say with complete certainty that “I can, I will and I am able” to do this, to overcome all that is thrown at you in life. Let me help you, to learn how to love yourself again, to break free from the mental chains that are weighing you down and to LOVE the person you are and will become through our sessions together. If you feel I may be the right person to help you on your journey, please contact me via the ‘contact’ page. Simply complete the form, to enable me to book a free 10 minute consultation with you. We can discuss and determine if we are right for one another. To work together, on your road to recovery, to help you to break free from those chains and in doing so to heal yourself from all mental anguish.

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