My dear mother, from an early age in my life, tried to embed such good morals and sayings within my mind and being. I can remember so many of her words of wisdom, some passed down from generation to generation and others her very own words. My journey to being ‘balanced’, at now 41 years young, I can attribute to my mothers’ wisdom and foresight of my character from a very early age. She was such a positive, calming and ‘unconditional love’ influence that when she left for heaven it changed my soul for many years afterwards. I felt the imbalance of not having her mothering energy around, and I lost sight of her words of wisdom. With time and healing, in full force, her words began to ‘pop’ up again in my mind, and resurface out of nowhere, as if she was present with me. Her words and sayings have served me well to help myself to ‘rebalance’, to overcome mental health issues, and in recent years to help all those crossing my path who wish to learn about self to grow and slef-heal.

Ever felt like your life was running along smoothly and then you reached a fork, a junction of two paths. You chose to go down the second path, not the first, and then all of your external world crumbled. I bet you chose to beat yourself up dear reader, and to give yourself a hard time? But why!?! At the end of the day, at that time, with all the knowledge you had you chose path number two. That dear reader was always going to be! You chose based on what you knew and thought to be ‘best’ for you at that time. Therefore, my dear mother is right “there is no right or wrong, it just is”. At that time you chose path two so accept it, learn from it, learn to let go and grow from it.
Learning to look at your external world with a fresh pair of eyes, will enable you to see with the same eyes as my dear wise mother, Sandra Anne Snook. She and I love to help humanity. To see the good in all, even when we sense the darkness within, we always choose to focus on the positives and the strengths of a soul in which to work on these moving forwards.

Choose to love yourself and practice self-care
It is a choice. Life is full of them so CHOOSE to let me guide, support and develop you, into the best BALANCED version of YOU! Contact me for my help and guidance, choose to grab my help with both hands dear reader. Let me show you how to feed your mind, body and soul the right way in preparation for these uncertain years of life to come. To know how to love yourself unconditionally, will help you to survive anything that will be thrown at you during your lifetime. I can guarantee this, dear reader, as I have endured the most heart-felt pains, lost most of my loved ones at an early age, been left to ‘thrive and survive’ or to sink, which I did. It was choosing to painfully self-reflect in order to learn who I was and to accept who I am to ‘be’ as Lynne. It was nurturing self, giving to self and truly LOVING myself unconditionally that has enabled me to see in my forty first year of life from an extremely balanced platform of joy, hope and love!

Lynne Snook Wellness coach and blogger, here to help any of you who are feeling these trying times. The Coronavirus ‘isolation’ situation is so unknown, so you may choose to seek my help now to keep mentally balanced. As well as beyond this pandemic! I truly feel at a deep soul level, that this is the time for me to help humanity, and more so during these mentally ‘trying’ times. Many of you reading this will be struggling with isolation for one reason or another. It is so important to try and establish and or maintain your ‘balance’ right now, and in the future months and years to come. I am here reader, to help you to learn about self and how to restore your own ‘balance’. My ultimate aim is to help humanity to keep their calm, to learn how to self ‘balance’ and to love self fully!

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