It is no surprise dear reader to hear that the colder and darker winter months evoke lower feelings than those in summer. For many it is difficult to see the darker times as good because it will affect ones mood. Weather changes can negatively affect mental health for so many people, so it is good to be aware of this dear reader as a loved one may be suffering as we shift from autumn to winter.

Seasonal changes result in less light levels during the daytime. This depletion in sunlight, which regulates our circadian rhythm, results in metabolic changes which significantly affect our well-being. Both children and adults alike will begin to feel more easily tired, irritable and even sad in comparison to the summer months this year. In winter serotonin, which makes you feel good, becomes less at the same time that melatonin, associated with sleepiness and depression, is enhanced. This change over can make one feel more sleepy, irritable and even quite sad during the colder winter months.

Snooki’s Self-care regime is my answer to always staying both ‘upbeat’ and happy in the colder winter months. I spend time on myself on a daily and weekly basis all year round but I up my game during the 3-4 months of winter to ensure my mental health remains in tip top shape and ‘balanced’.

“Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause” – Cecilia Tran

How can I create Self-care into my life? I get asked this question a lot by my wellness coaching clients and I simply answer with “it is all about creating a self-care environment”. So what do I mean by this dear reader? Well my way of combatting the winter blues is to build a self-care repertoire within my working and home life. The easiest way to do this within both settings dear reader is to purchase or create soft and inviting things to have at ones fingertips! Here are a few things I have tried and tested over the years…..

• I purchase candles, pillow sprays and essential oils that relax me to leave in my work
space and bedroom. Quick to hand when I need a ‘pick me up’
• I have a comfort blanket, in the form of a special mug – both at home and work.
• Organised a set on my iTunes playlist that evokes spa-like surrounds, when I need some
down time to chill via my senses.
• I have a tub of luxury health products to indulge self with when I want to treat myself
to a face mask, sugar scrub or candle lit bath.
• Journals by the bed to allow self-expression to happen when it needs to!
• I keep baking goods stocked up during the winter months for when I want to cook, for
memories of my dear mum and for moments of pure culinary self-care.

I was discussing this with a friend the other day who has been struggling of late, post lock down, and who fears the winter months ahead. I told her that for me one of the best ways of self-care for self, during the winter, is when I focus on ‘feeding my senses’. I choose to make sure that I see, hear, taste, feel and smell enriching things that ease the challenges that come with winter.
The journey of self-care is very individual and I am hoping that I have giving you some ‘top tips’ and things to try out dear reader. On my YouTube channel ‘Lynne Snook Wellness Coach’. I have various videos that will help navigate you in the winter months too! I would suggest watching the one on ‘Be Kind to Self’ and then ‘Self Compassion’.

As I always say, “I can, I will, I am able to do this” – Lynne Snook

And so can you, and your loved ones, dear reader. We can all make some changes to see us through and have well-being in the colder winter months. Especially with the help and gentle guidance from myself, and the rest of the ‘Lengro’ family!

We can choose to be a tribe of positive people who storm the colder Winter months with lots of love, self-compassion and care!

We are here for you! Have a great week!
Snooki xxx

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