Fitness within the comfort of your own home, is the new way of life during this ‘lock down’ period. The home, or park, is now considered to be the new gym where one can enjoy free direct fitness on demand. How times have changed as a result of an unseen enemy, such as Covid-19. Did you know dear reader, that a whopping 77% of people are now re-evaluating what is important to them as a result of ‘lock down’ and 57% have vowed to only buy what they need to save resources once the lock down has been lifted.

Wellness has always been a way of life for myself since I was eighteen years of age, and it continues to be so. My mental health is of ‘paramount’ importance to my overall ‘wellbeing’, and to keep my overall mind, body and soul ‘Balance’. This ‘lock down’ has pushed so many consumers to develop ‘routines’ and a higher level of self-discipline when it comes to working out online, with no access to gyms and studios. There are so many choices at present to help you to become increasingly knowledgeable and self-motivated. You can tune in to a LIVE on IG, LIVE on FB, or an ‘on demand’ video on You Tube to break a sweat in the comfort of your own home. Apart from the physical side to your wellness, you can choose to develop your mind by reading more of my blogs or self-development books.

The impact of Covid-19 on the wellness of the globe has been tremendous. People are now aware, more than ever, that we are all interconnected and not separate from one another. We all need good health, to be healthy as a collective globally, when it comes to an unseen enemy such as Covid-19. This in itself shows our unity and dependency on one another as a species. We need more of this ‘awakening’ to have ‘wellness’ as a way of life for all worldwide in the 21st Century. I love hearing that as a result of this pandemic, people will choose wiser options in the future. For example, with regards to groceries; half the people interviewed on the news said they intend to only buy the food they need in the future, rather than buying in excess. I really feel for restaurants right now. The fear of public spaces, this less excessive approach to living by many and a new found passion for cooking at home, may mean a lot of restaurant closures. Restaurants may have to compete with their customers’ ability to entertain and feast at home, as they change their approach to wellness as a way of life! The glass may now be seen as half full rather than half empty when it comes to life and the way individuals live it!

This pandemic dear reader, has meant that so many of us have had to shift to ‘online’ for work and for entertainment. I would love to see us outdoors more and exercising, as this pandemic has forced our nation to do just this. However businesses have shifted their business online, during this pandemic to safeguard jobs. I just hope that the legacy of this pandemic will not be to enable us humans to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. Going online completely in the future will create an ‘imbalance’ for our ‘beings’ and have detrimental effects on us as a species globally. Yes, all consumers like to work together to help foster a new stronger and more sustainable reformed economy, but at what cost people? The 20th Century was a mechanical one where we pumped out planet like a machine for resources. Let us grow from this pandemic and continue the 21st century as a powerful collective who see wellness as a way of life! Let us change our ‘me’ thinking to ‘we’ thinking in a co-creative global effort to produce a new ‘norm’, which will save both our planet and us as a species. If we choose to ignore this time in isolation for restoration, rejuvenation of self and reflective practice worldwide, then I truly believe we will not survive another hundred years! What are your thoughts dear reader on the positivity of the pandemic? I shall write on this next time.

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