To accept who you are, and what you have to offer the world, is a sign of ‘being’ a wise old soul; irrespective of the age you are when you come to understand this. I can remember as far back as primary school, realising who I was becoming, and my place within the world at that time. An empath, an encourager, a defender of those unable to defend themselves. At such a young age I was defending the ‘bullied’ at school, and those who were blind to their true beauty within. The light that they emitted and all they had to offer the world, was dampened by worry and fear, they themselves had created, thinking about what others thought of them. I have to say that this kind of perspective thinking would have surely translated into those youths, adult lives. Unfortunately, I see it on a daily basis when clients come to me for some coaching. They think they are not worthy, that they are still the ‘bullied’ and not the ‘empowered’ person I can see they are destined to be. I am extremely passionate about helping others to learn how they can help themselves, to become the best version of YOU!

You can see how my journey to ‘being’ exactly where I am now, started at a very early age. It is within me, an innate ‘energy’. This constant outpouring of ‘unconditional’ love, from myself to the external world, has been with me all my live, to help humanity to see the ‘good’ in all.

I have always focused on, and been thankful for, what I have in my life at any given time. Even when I nursed my mother to the day she died, at the age of 17, I witnessed all the joy and beauty that this journey with my mum had to offer (at the time and for years since). My soul sees life as both precious and beautiful, and that each and every person I am blessed to meet in my lifetime are ‘perfect’ as they are. No need to find flaws within, to judge and compare any indifferences to others around you in your live. After all we are all created as ‘unique’ one offs, planned and purposeful, and this dear reader I see as true beauty!

From young adulthood, post losing my best friend and mother so young, I completely focused on my education. I wished to achieve the best possible outcome, so that this ‘East End’ girl could far surpass any limiting beliefs placed upon on her by others, and to go down the medicine route. My mothers’ passing was both my ‘strength’ and ‘drive’, would you believe.

Upon achieving a First Class Hons In Human Biosciences, and having the option of completing the ‘medical’ route, I knew this was not the path for me. I felt ‘lost’ at this point, but I knew deep down that I would end up helping humanity in a very different way to medicine. Long story short, as you can read my lives journey in my book, I went on a journey of self-discovery. Many different career paths, linked to being a teacher and a healer, all of which related to ‘health’, ‘wellness’ and ultimately helping others.

At the end of 2016 I lost my Dad to lung cancer and COPD. This marked the moment where I would become all I was supposed to ‘be’. All my lives experiences to date, and education, courses upon courses, would come to together to form ‘Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies’. I collaborated all my knowledge, skill set, education and life experience to create Lynne Snook as a ‘one stop clinic’ for all mind, body and soul work I had created my niche, as the UKs first and only Integrated Therapist.

Happy to physically ‘fix’ chronic back pain, dysfunctional shoulders and necks, for example, using many different muscular and skeletal techniques. Using ‘nerve’ reflexology, a specialised form, to help rebalance and heal many conditions such as IBS, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression and fertility issues to name a few. ‘Hands on healing’ to balance any emotional disturbances, caused by ‘loss’, ‘grief’, and any ‘excess’ physical pain. Life coaching to encourage clients to explore themselves and to learn to facilitate positive change within their lives. Then to combine all above into an Integrated Therapy package to help to ‘balance’ a person physically, mentally and emotionally as one. What a blessing and a gift my job had become. I love that my passion for helping others has truly become a job I love with all my heart and soul!

So many people have benefitted from my bespoke Wellness coaching and blogs that I have been writing for the last three years on my Purple Freesia site So I decided to side step as Lynne Snook Wellness coach and blogger, to help all those who are feeling the trying times of this pandemic. I truly feel in my soul, at a deep level, that this is the time to launch this site. To help humanity, during these mentally ‘trying’ times. For I know that a lot of people will find it hard to keep their ‘balance’ right now and in the future months and years to come. This site and the avid writing of my book, in the weeks gone by in isolation to date, all lead to that original ‘big dream’ of mine. From back at an early age, I wanted to help humanity to keep their calm, collect and to learn how to self ‘balance’. It is a choice, as to whether or not you grab my help and guidance with both hands dear reader. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, let me guide and show you how to feed your mind, body and soul the right way in preparation for these uncertain years of life to come.

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